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Specializing in Cosmetic & Hair Health
SBKHair & Wellness salon is inspired by the owner Kalea Turner Master Cosmetologist and Certified Trichology and her passion for health and hair Care. Seeing a lot of her clients start to have different hair loss issues as well as scalp problem due to Medication, Hair care products used and or lifestyle. She wanted to create a place where she could help prevent a variety of hair and scalp conditions with natural and Organic products that have been created and formulated to a person’s hair condition and hair P.H. By having control over the type of water and products used clients will benefit greatly. And by doing so we have the ability heal/treat every person’s hair and scalp condition

Say "Hello" to Healthy, Beautiful Moisturized Hair

And "Goodbye" to Dry, Brittle Damaged Hair

"Aloha" Vegan Hair Care products

Dedicated to My Lovely and beautiful Daughter Alohalani.

SBKHair & Wellness Products: All natural organic and vegan certified products, handmade and controlled by SBKHair. From shampoos, Conditioner’s, Styling product, Organic oils, Natural body soaps, lotion’s and more

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